Keeping healthy

Keeping Healthy

British Nutrition Foundation

Healthy eating

We aim to give people access to reliable science-based information to support anyone on their journey towards a healthy, sustainable diet. In this section you can find some top tips for eating healthily.

The Live Well Centre

Healthy eating

Live Well is a down to earth, friendly place. It's our job to help you to feel happy and healthy! We do this in lots of different ways in our after school sessions, holiday activities, boxing club, Resilience Bootcamp and relaxation classes. 
We know that life can be tricky at times and we want you to feel the best you can. Our activities provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to be you. Whether you want to workout and get active, you want to relax and chill or you want to de-stress, we are here so we can all live well. 

The Live Well Centre,
Old Cooperative Workshops,



Diabetes UK

Diabetes management

Life with type 1 diabetes is relentless, so we're working with young people aged 11-25 years old to create strong networks that help all young people feel less isolated and alone. This programme is called Our Lives, Our Choices, Our Voices.

Funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation, Our Lives, Our Choices, Our Voices will:

  1. support young people to understand and feel more confident about managing type 1
  2. support young people to develop strong peer support networks, reducing the feelings of isolation and loneliness that living with type 1 diabetes can create
  3. support young people to better communicate with healthcare teams and create change in their local health systems.

Want to get involved in Our Lives, Our Choices, Our Voices?
Young people from all over the UK are getting involved in this exciting new programme - come and join them! We're recruiting Young Leaders to volunteer with us and help shape the programme to best support other young people living with type 1 diabetes. 

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