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Brook - sex and consent

The law and consent

Consent means agreeing to do something. When it comes to sex, this means agreeing to have sex or engage in sexual activity. Find out about about why consent is important during sexual activity.

Brook - having sex

  • Are your ready for sex?
  • Are your ready for sex checklist

We are committed to changing attitudes, challenging prejudices and championing equality so that all young people can lead happy, healthy lives.

Sunderland Sexual Health

Safe sex and contraception

Using contraception is the best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. We offer a range of contraception options at our clinics, including condoms, pills, injections, implants, coils and emergency contraception.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sunderland Sexual Health Service is delivered by South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust. We provide free and confidential advice and treatment and offer a range of services, including:

Teenage Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant can cause a wide range of emotions, especially when the pregnancy is unplanned.

Together for Children Sunderland

  • Contraceptive
  • Sexual Health Services
  • Teenage Pregnancy

Together for Children deliver children's services on behalf of Sunderland City Council. We have a host of youth voice groups, supporting Sunderland children and young people to make change in the city. This includes Cozmic 3piphany, our LGBTQ+ young person's group. We also deliver many preventative services, including our Relationships, Sex and Health Education service offering 1-1 support to young people 8-18 (25 if SEND or care experienced). 

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