Becoming independent

From cooking and managing money to living independently and keeping healthy, being an adult brings a whole new set of responsibilities.  

If you receive health or social care services, you may transfer to adult services, or take over your own care. You should be involved in any decisions about this. 

You'll also need to think about whether you want to go to college, university, training or get a job.  

From jobs and careers to managing your money, there are services to help. Find out more using the QR code. 


As a young person, it's important to develop new skills and knowledge to help you whilst transitioning into adult life. 

Money management is a skill you need as the whole world revolves around money. 

Money management can help with: 

  • Saving for the future 

  • Recognising the value of money 

  • Setting budgets 

  • Having responsibility 

  • Organising your life 

  • Feeling in control 

Here are some money management tips for you: 

  1. Create a budget 
  2. Set savings goals 
  3. Spend wisely 

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