Female changes

Changes in girls during puberty

Your hips widen:

As your body grows, your hips widen in preparation to possibly carry a baby in the future. 

Your breasts grow: You might feel itchy or uncomfortable when this happens, but it’s completely normal. 

Changes to the vulva and vagina 

Your vulva will develop and mature and your vagina will start to produce a clear or white liquid (vaginal discharge) – this is how your vagina keeps clean and healthy. 

If the discharge is yellow, smells or your vagina feels itchy, see your doctor as you might have an infection. If you notice more discharge, it may mean that your period about to start. 

Periods (menstruation):

Your periods will start at some point during puberty. You may get period pains before and during your period. These can usually be treated at home, without time off school. A warm bath or a covered hot water bottle on your tummy can help. You may not feel like exercising, but gentle exercise like going for a walk may help.  


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