Young carer - supporting a loved one

Most young people help at home, but carers do a lot more. Their family rely on them to do things that they can’t do, because of illness, disability or other problems.

Young carers often do things like cooking, housework and shopping, helping someone get out of bed or get dressed. They may provide emotional support, manage the family budget or look after brothers and sisters. 

Balancing education and caring can be stressful and affect health, friendships and future opportunities. It can also be lonely - many young carers say no one in school knows what they do. 

Many young carers develop great skills and qualities, and can be compassionate, resourceful, mature and good at coping with difficult situations. But everyone needs a break, and the chance to enjoy things like other young people.  

Carers often take on greater responsibility as they get older, particularly if the person they care for becomes more ill or disabled. Young adult carers can find it difficult to pursue education, employment, or training. 

As a carer, you have a right to help and support.

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