Medications and Swallowing Pills

During holiday times

Make sure you have all your medications

Remember that GP practices will be closed on the bank holidays and it can take a few days to order and collect a prescription

Children and young people with Asthma, Epilepsy, Diabetes and other long-term conditions this is a reminder to make sure you have all your medicines stocked up for holidays!  Where are you going, who are you visiting and what will you need?

  •  Do you have enough of your daily medication? (Inhalers, epilepsy and diabetics medicines.)
  • Do you have enough rescue medicines? (Blue salbutamol inhaler, buccal midazolam for seizures or EpiPen and anti-histamines.) 

Medicine Safety

Make sure all medicines are kept safely out of sight, out of reach. Remember to remind grandparents and check if you are staying with friends or family that medicines are out of reach.

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