Integrated Health Hub Feasibility Pilot

The Ullswater Community College Integrated Health Hub (IHH) feasibility pilot is part of the Children's Integration Centre bid for NHS England Children and Young People's Transformation Programme funding, by the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care Board's Child Health and Wellbeing Network. 

The Integration Centre aims to connect expertise and relevant organisations and hosts the NENC Children's Integrated Care Fellowships. As the largest Integrated Care System (ICS) nationally with the highest poverty levels outside London (and the highest growth rate of child poverty in the UK) we need to deliver multiple integration models at pace to benefit the large number of disadvantaged young people in our region. 

The feasibility pilot is based on the Cornwall Integrated Care Hub – A model of good practice, where a secondary school converted an old caretaker’s house to house healthcare professionals in the school. It was a much-needed approach, given the difficulties that the rural Cornish community had in accessing healthcare – with many appointments for hospitals taking place in Bristol, nearly two and a half hours away. The healthcare hub allowed children and young people to access support, quickly and easily.

The reports share the learning from the Ullswater Community College (UCC) feasibility pilot, the learning and findings may be of interest to those familiar with or interested in developing integrated healthcare within educational settings, to improve outcomes and access to health and wellbeing services for children and young people.

Ullswater Com College Integrated HH Feasibility Pilot summary

Ullswater Com College Integrated HH Feasibility Pilot Report

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