Healthy Sleep

Good quality sleep is important for everyone but especially for children as it directly impacts on their mental and physical development.

Good sleep helps to improve attention, behaviour, learning and memory.

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Useful links and resources

Having a baby or child who doesn’t sleep well can be difficult. Below are some tips on coping and some resources that have further information and advice that might help you.

Helping parents to cope

Encouraging and maintaining good sleep routines and habits for children can be tough for parents who are themselves tired at the end of the day. Things may get worse before they get better, if the child resists the new approach.

  • Planning is important. If parents are working or if school age siblings may be disturbed, they may have better chance of success during annual leave or school holidays.
  • Mutual support is important. Agree a strategy that all parents and caregivers can work with.
  • Contact your health visitor who can give you advice on sleep that is specific to the needs of your baby.

Resources for parents

NHS: Sleep tips for parents of young children

NHS: Sleep tips for teenagers

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