Asthma Letter Templates for Schools and Club

The NENC ICS Asthma Leadership Group has worked collaboratively to develop and articulate guidance on referral pathways between Community, Primary and Secondary Care Services and has developed some supporting resources. This is to reduce variation and improve consistency and provide supportive advice and processes for education and health professionals to improve outcomes for CYP with asthma or suspected asthma diagnosis


Dr Ahmed Hegab, consultant paediatrician at South Tees Hospital and CHWN clinical asthma advisor.

Nicola Jackson, Community Asthma Advisor and Specialist Children’s Nurse NCIC

Dr Bronwyn Tasker (Primary Care Representative)

With great help from:

Dr Townshend, Consultant Paediatrician at GNCH, Beat Asthma editor, national framework of competencies teamDr Nanda (Primary Care Advisor to the Network)

On Behalf of NENC Asthma leadership Group (and with approval and input from)

Dr Sam Moss

Dr Neelmanee Ramphul

Carol Barwick

Louise Dauncey

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